Canola Agronomy

Weed Management

Canola is a Key Part of Your Weed Management Strategy

Canola helps you diversify your weed management program by allowing you to add several different modes of action to your chemical rotation. Canola can be a critical element in controlling herbicide-resistant weeds. Many modern canola varieties include traits for herbicide tolerance. Roundup® Ready, LibertyLink®, and Clearfield® varieties provide valuable tools for weed management.

The following list outlines the wide spectrum of herbicides that can be used on canola. Please note not all of these herbicides can be used on all varieties. Please consult with your local agronomy input provider to help you choose the optimum herbicide rotation for your weed management plan.

Group 1 (Lipid Synthesis ACCase Inhibitors)
Example: Assure® II, Poast®, Select®
Grassy weed control. Suitable for all canola varieties.

Group 2 (ALS Inhibitors):
Examples: Beyond®
Grass and broadleaf control. Suitable for Clearfield varieties.

Group 3 (Root Growth Inhibitors):
Examples: Sonalan®, Treflan™
Grass and broadleaf control. Preplant incorporated herbicide suitable for all canola varieties.

Group 4 (Sythetic Auxins)
Example: Stinger®
Broadleaf control, particularly Canada thistle. Suitable for all canola varieties.

Group 9 (EPSP Synthase Inhibitors)
Example: Roundup®
Broad-spectrum weed control. Suitable for Roundup Ready varieties.

Group 10 (Glutamine Synthetase Inhibitors)
Examples: Liberty®, Ignite®
Broad-spectrum weed control. Suitable for Liberty Link® varieties.