Growing Canola

Why Grow Canola?

Growing Canola is a Smart Decision.

Canola has proven itself to be an excellent choice in the western United States. Whether introducing a broadleaf into all-wheat summer fallow or adding canola to a wheat, barley or legume rotation, growing canola gives you expanded weed control options, increases the yields of subsequent crops, improves soil tilth, and diversifies your marketing portfolio.

Western growers benefit from a strong local market for their production. Pacific Coast Canola crushes 350,000 tonnes of canola each year and we cooperate with regional universities, agronomists, extension specialists, seed companies, elevators, and transportation providers to make canola an attractive crop for your rotation.

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This is not your father’s canola.

Canola is a different crop than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Canola prices are higher relative to wheat. Yields for canola have improved faster than other crops and Pacific Coast Canola has provided a strong local demand for western canola production. Growing canola has numerous other advantages as well:

  • Higher wheat yields following canola.
  • Improved water infiltration.
  • Expanded weed control options.
  • Good jobs and increased economic development in our region through local canola processing.