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VerraUltra 9 High Oleic Expeller-Pressed RBD Canola Oil

Bringing You the Next Generation in Healthier Oils.

VerraUltra 9, high-oleic canola oil is an omega-9 oil that has a unique combination of high-oleic and low-linolenic fatty acid profile that provides superior health, performance and flavor. Omega-9 Oils are naturally stable, making them a cost-effective solution with a long shelf life and fry time.


VerraUltra 9 High-Oleic Canola Oil Is Healthy.

Omega-9 Canola Oil has a unique nutrition profile featuring high oleic acid (greater than 70%), low linolenic acid (less than 3%), the lowest saturated fat and no trans fat.

  • Zero trans fat, along with the lowest saturated fat profile provides healthy product labels and restaurant menus.
  • High in heart healthy monounsaturated fat (omega-9), high-oleic canola oil can reduce factors for heart disease and diabetes.

VerraUltra 9 High-Oleic Canola Oil Is High Performance.

The unique fatty acid profile of Omega-9 Canola Oil delivers numerous performance benefits that ultimately make them a cost effective solution.

  • Natural stability allows for longer fry life in restaurants and a long shelf life in packaged foods, without the need for chemical antioxidants or partial hydrogenation
  • Its versatility makes it excellent for a variety of applications, including frying, par-frying, sprays, salad dressings, reduced-saturated-fat shortening, margarines and spreads

VerraUltra 9 High-Oleic Canola Oil Tastes Great.

Omega-9 canola oil has a clean, light flavor that does not compete with natural food flavors.


FSSC 22000 (GFSI) certification
Orthodox Union “OU” Kosher certification


orthodox union fssc 22000

Source: Dow AgroSciences & Canola Info.Org